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Account For Profit

Account For Profit

Branding & web design for a startup accountancy practice in West Yorkshire

About Intermesh

At Intermesh, what we do is all about you - your message, your audience, your personality, your way. 

It's a crowded space - with many voices competing for your attention. Big business, small business, charities, government and individuals - all competing to get their message across.Almost anyone can get their message out there - it only takes a second to post a tweet or status - but does anyone really care?

That's where we come in - helping you get the right message to the right people at the right time.

The approach we take to your project, and the work we do, will be individually tailored to you, building on your strengths to deliver the most effective marketing, design, print, web and apps, when you need it and to suit your pocket.

Unless you're a marketing agency, your audience probably doesn't want to hear from us - they want to hear from you! We provide help wherever you need it - branding, design, marketing, web, social media - to get your message out there!

Meet the team

Here at Intermesh we like to think we know a good egg when we see one, and we're really proud of the elite team we've put together.

We choose our people carefully, pooling just the right mix of skills we need to get the job done, and everyone here is passionate about helping businesses improve their online presence.

Rob Walters
Technical Director

Rob has been writing software since he was 15, and with over 15 years of successful experience in business, software development, and digital innovation, Rob knows how to create systems that work and marketing campaigns that get results.

Rob's combination of technical expertise and his passion and drive for business have taken the Intermesh Group from strength to strength, employing over 10 awesome people and expanding into new markets.

Besides software, Rob has a huge passion for theatre and the arts, and he also loves tinkering with classic minis -- ideally with some rock or country playing in the background.

Emma Walters
Operations Director

As Operations Director, Emma takes overall responsibility for the smooth running of the Intermesh Group and all the projects and activities that we undertake.

Emma uses her formidable organisation skills to oversee the day-to-day operations and project management whilst also being involved in training, product testing and marketing. She is also an experienced graphic designer, and enjoys getting involved with the design team whenever she can.

Out of the office, Emma is a fierce roller derby competitor, and also enjoys attending live events, with eclectic tastes from metal to musicals and 90s pop to Shakespeare.

Ross Lindsey
Master Developer

Ross is part of the furniture, having been with Intermesh right from the beginning. He can build for the web or for the desktop, and has mastered a range of technologies and languages, including C#, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and Python.

But his talents don't end there -- as well as being a master software developer, he's also a talented 3D artist and a superb guitarist.

Ross is who we turn to when something has gone wrong and no one else can help. Always calm and collected, here is a man who truly defines grace under pressure.

Katie Mistry
Lead Designer

Katie is Intermesh's creative powerhouse. She's a true prodigy, and her background in both graphic design and computing allows her to create bespoke and innovative designs, turning people's ideas into a reality.

Since coming on board Katie has taken our design game to the next level. As our Lead Designer, Katie oversees almost all design work that comes through our doors, creating an array of marketing materials and website designs to achieve our clients' desired outcomes.

Katie's hobbies include photography, swimming, interior design, and nail art. She's also a huge fan of Marvel and Rick and Morty.

Richard "Iron Man" Chatburn
Master of Engineering

Richard, the team's resident back-end developer, server ninja, and office handy-man, has been at Intermesh since 2015.

He is highly proficient in all things server-side, and is particularly accomplished in working with PHP, APIs, and WordPress. He's also a Magento guru -- if you need a streamlined online Magento store, you'll want Richard working on your site.

An engineer by trade and in spirit, there's a reason we call Richard "Iron Man." We think it's only a matter of time before he starts flying to work in a metal suit of his own design.

Oli Laban
Front End Ninja

Oli specialises in building ultra-functional websites and apps with streamlined user interfaces. He is an expert JavaScript coder and can work with a number of frameworks, including React, Angular, Meteor and VueJS.

Oli's been at Intermesh since 2015 and got into this line of work due to his passion for crafting the perfect user experience. Whether you want something simple or complex, for large screens or for mobiles, Oli can build it for you.

As well as being a top-notch front-end developer, Oli is also a part-time spy. Or is he?

Azra Begum
Lead Analyst

As Intermesh’s Lead Analyst, Azra heads up our client support and testing work. Azra works with you to make sure we truly understand your requirements, so that we can build the products your business really needs.

Azra also takes the lead in our software testing and QA, ensuring that our work meets the high standards we always aim for. Combining client support and testing in the same process is a unique feature of how we work at Intermesh, and Azra keeps it all running smoothly.

Azra keeps her eye on the ball outside of work too, as a striker in football and as a batter in cricket.

Kim Jackson
PA to the Directors

Kim is PA to Rob and Emma, and she makes sure everything is in check and in order within the Intermesh family of businesses.

As well as being incredibly organised, Kim enjoys this role because she gets to take a proactive approach to her work, and provide valuable input when it’s time to make business decisions.

Kim is an avid gamer and if you play Overwatch on PC, you’ve probably already felt her wrath. When she’s not eliminating the competition online, you'll find her watching Skins or Criminal Minds, or checking out some live music locally.

Luke Spittel
Software Wizard

Luke is a software developer who started here in early 2018 and quickly established himself as an essential member of the team.

Software development was a natural career choice for Luke, who was programming as a hobby long before he started his coding career, and he is well-versed in C# and XAML. A natural problem solver, Luke has a passion for finding the most effective and efficient solutions to software development problems.

In his spare time, Luke loves to unwind by taking long bike rides in the countryside while listening to Beethoven, his favourite composer.

Allie Hallahan
Policy & Compliance Lead / Project Consultant

Allie has a passion for data and reporting, compliance and continuous improvement. She has extensive experience within the financial sector across Customer Experience, process improvement, root cause analysis and MI production/delivery.

Allie is a key member of the team with responsibility technical support, reporting, data projects and project management.

Allie's favourite hobby is extending her impressive collection of tattoos, and her happy song is Weezer's cover of "Africa."

Will Mulrooney
Full Stack Developer

Will started working at Intermesh in the summer of 2018 and works on all areas of our work, including desktop apps as well as both front-end and back-end web development. His main areas of expertise are in PHP, C#, and ASP.NET.

A natural tinkerer, Will isn't happy unless he's building or fixing something. When he's not working on his latest project, he's learning about history, with a great interest in East German history in particular.

Warren Davies
Front End Developer

Genius, billionnaire, playboy, philanthropist... are words that have not yet been spoken about Warren, but he's working on it!

Warren has been building websites since 2010 and also a background in UX/UI, data analysis, and psychology. At Intermesh he works with the design team to build great-looking and super-functional websites. He is also an experienced copywriter and a published author.

Marketing and Strategy

To fulfil your potential, you need a plan!

Our marketing and strategy gets your message across in the most effective way possible, to the right people at the right time.

Web and Apps

An online presence is an essential tool for even the smallest of organisations.

Fulfil your digital potential, with innovative strategy, design and development from Intermesh.


Nothing is more vital than your brand - your organisation's identity.

Developing your brand with Intermesh focusses on understanding, capturing and showcasing the essence of you.

Design and Print

"The reports of print's death have been greatly exaggerated."

Stand out from the pack, with creativity and flair with our design for editorial, print, advertising and much much more!


Social Media

Make the most of the opportunity for a conversation!

Social media from Intermesh helps you forge closer relationships with the wider world, increasing profile, trust and loyalty.

The Intermesh Group United by great ideas

Put a face to the name of the team that are helping you every step of the way in your technological challenges.

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