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Julie's Bicycle

Julie's Bicycle

Graphic design for the leading global charity bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the creative industries


Marketing and Strategy

Marketing is simple - it's just a matter of saying the right thing to the right people at the right time. We're not going to dazzle you with long words and pretend it's really complicated, because it isn't.

But, it's a matter of focus - you're an expert in your own field, whether that's a business, charity or third sector organisation. So it can be hard to put yourself in the position of your audience, many of whom will be much less knowledgeable than you. Plus, every hour you spend on marketing is an hour away from the things you do best.

That's where we come in!

Through acting as your virtual Marketing Department, we work hand in glove with you to get your message across, freeing up your time to stick to what you're good at.

Then, of course, there's strategy.

The dictionary definition of strategy is just "having a plan", and everyone's got one of those! So for most agencies, it's simply a matter of adding a bit more to the price for stating the obvious.

For us, though, it goes far deeper than this. 

Strategy to us is thinking farther ahead than everyone else, coming up with clever and creative ways to do more than you could otherwise imagine.

For example, perhaps you're planning a stand at a trade show. Well sure, we can design your flyers and display stand, source those funky pens to give away, plan a competition and make sure all the advertising and PR is all in place. But not only that, we'll be planning what happens next - how you're going to follow up these contacts, handle their post-show enquiries, and turn a fleeting contact into a lasting relationship.

For one client, we even worked with an IT partner to design and build a bespoke customer database linked back to the office so that their exhibition team and their office team could work hand in hand to make the most of every enquiry, and helping our client to close 10x as much in sales as they expected.

That's strategy the Intermesh way - thinking farther ahead to keep you ahead of your competition. 

To find out what we can do for you, why not give us a call on 01274 378511 or pop in for a cuppa and a chat?

Web and Apps

Trust Intermesh to get your digital presence spot on - helping you reach more customers and strengthen relationships with your visitors

Whether you want your website to sell, educate or engage, we can help you achieve your goals through a seamless mix of style and substance - web design and web development working hand in hand. Using CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal, Umbraco, Magento or our own in-house platform and as much or as little custom development as you want and need, we can tailor your web presence to your pocket as well as your needs.

Whether your site is an eCommerce website to sell products online, a brochure website to increase awareness of who you are and what you do, an interactive website to entertain or engage in a fun or memorable way, or a web portal to allow your customers or service users to manage their account or relationship with you online, our web designers and developers will work from concept to completion to ensure a stylish look and feel, ease of use for your customers and ease of management for you.

All our websites are offered with responsive design, allowing your site to optimise itself for smartphones and tablets - a "must" in an increasingly mobile world.

We also offer app design and development - allowing you to offer your customers new ways to get information, manage orders or engage with you straight from their phone or tablet - either stand-alone or seamlessly linked to your website.

For the ultimate in worry-free web, we can also promote your website through social media, search engine optimisation (SEO) or advertising, and can even handle the ongoing management of your site.

To discuss your next web project, why not give us a call on 01274 378511 or pop in for a cuppa and a chat?


Whether you need an identity for a new business, or want to refresh your brand or have a new logo designed, your brand is your organisation's personality, so it's essential to get it just right.

The colours, typefaces, symbols, styles, tone of voice, images of your brand should all work together to create an identity that is instantly recognisable as you and representing the qualities and values you stand for. Our experienced and skilled team will work with you to understand these qualities and values - the things which make you "you" - before designing an identity which embodies this essence of you.

Once we've created and refined your brand until you're happy we've got it "just right", we can then apply it as required to design stationery, signs, posters, flyers, promotional items, reports, invoices, document templates.. the possibilities are endless.

More importantly though we also give you guidance on using your brand - key to your brand's strength is consistency - brand guidelines help you ensure that everything we, you or anyone else creates "fits" and makes the most of your valuable identity.

It's also common to brand product ranges and projects - a challenge of its own.

Often a project or product range will need to conform to the organisation's overall brand but at the same time take on an identity of its own which fits with the wider organisation or brand.

Whatever your branding needs, we'd love to talk about how we can help. Why not give us a call on 01274 378511 or pop in for a cuppa and a chat?

Design and Print

Design and print can take many forms - from stationery to brochures, reports to banners, signs to forms.

Whether it's a letterhead for a startup micro business or a report for publication by a government body, our design team first focusses on understanding the client and their brand, and the way in which the piece of design work should fit within the wider brand. Sometimes we will have created the brand ourselves, but often we won't - we're as comfortable adapting to an existing identity as working with one we've created ourselves.

The result? An engaging and eye-catching design which fits with the organisation or project's overall branding.

One of our favourite types of work are infographics and rich pictures - large (usually) graphics which are designed to tell a story or present statistics or graph information in an interesting and accessible way. We love working with the client to understand the story they're telling then interpreting it through graphic design. 

A picture tells a thousand words - if you've got a thousand words to tell, ask us about creating an infographic.

When it comes to print, we don't print ourselves in house, but if it can be printed, we can get it printed. We have great relationships with a number of local printers, which allows us to offer great quality print services managed as part of your marketing or design project and at competitive prices.

To get your next design or print project off the ground, give us a call on 01274 378511 or pop in for a cuppa and a chat.

Social Media

Make the most of the opportunity for a conversation!

Social media can take many forms - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and LinkedIn are the most widely known. At Intermesh, we're passionate about use of social media to engage with your audience - prospective and current customers, and others who are interested in what you have to say. 

Different platforms are better for different purposes and different audiences. Our first step is to work with you to understand your audience, your message and your organisation, to help you select the right platforms and mediums to get your message across. Often this happens alongside strategy development - planning how you'll best use of the social media platforms you're going to use.

Through a combination of design and content, we can then work with you - if required - to set up your profile or page on the most suitable social networks, and help you get started. Social media works best when you're yourself - when you show the human face of your organisation and the people within it - so our role is to help you find your voice and help you or your staff understand how to make best use of social media

Above all, we help you to be yourself.

If needed, we can take over your social media management. We recognise that effective social media takes time, so we can work with you to understand your voice and your message, then handle the day-to-day "little and often" work of implementing your social media strategy. Or, we can work with your in house team to provide regular monitoring and reviews, to keep your in house social media on track.

To make the most of social media, why not give us a call on 01274 378511 or pop in for a cuppa and a chat?