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Account For Profit

Account for Profit is a Management Accountant that helps small to medium enterprises grow their business with a specific focus on Payroll, VAT and Bookkeeping. Account for Profit also specialise in the set up and growth of new business start-ups, helping individuals assessing their current financial and future needs.

Founder and Managing Director of Account for Profit, Mark Robinson, previously helped run a Management Accountancy Consultancy in West Yorkshire but broke away in 2013 to set up his own practice and after seeing a gap in the marketplace. Mark had the knowledge and know-how of how to set up his business and grow it, but had no experience of how to brand his business and create awareness to his target audience.

Intermesh Creative we’re asked by Account for Profit to create their branding, stationary and website. Working closely with Mark, we helped identify and scope out what branding would best represent the business and its values. We created a clean, user friendly designed website and complimentary stationary.

Since helping Account for Profit launch their website, the website has acted as a Business Development Manager in helping generate a continuous stream of leads and has helped increase the company’s brand awareness.
Account For Profit

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